The CAAAI Treasurer’s Corner

  • Friday, 04 October 2013 17:27

Dear Fellow CAAAI Alumni,

I take this opportunity to congratulate all Alumni members for the development and launch of our CAAAI Website. Feedback so far, has encouraged us to keep going forward and make more progress for the association. With this in mind, I would like to refocus on our membership drive now that our website has the ‘PayPal’ feature that makes membership applications and paying membership dues easier for you.

In his 2012 Reunion address in Maryland, our President emphasized both the need and the relationship between our charitable goals, such as sending school supplies to schools in Georgetown, and the importance of membership dues from the alumni body. So far, many of you have honored this worthy obligation, and others asked for an electronic way to pay your annual $50 dues for 2013. PayPal is the way my friends.

For us to continue to be a meaningful association to our children in Guyana and here in the U.S., I ask each and every one of you to respond to this membership drive by filling out a one-time membership application on your website, and follow the instructions to pay your 2013 $50 membership dues. If you rather send your dues by mail, you may still do so. Remember, your CAAAI membership dues are tax deductable.

Yours truly,

Dr. Keith A. Hampden

Treasurer, CAAAI

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