CAAAI Salutes CEO Dr. Desiree DeFlorimonte

  • Tuesday, 09 August 2016 12:06


Over the 10-years of our embodiment the Cambridge Academy Alumni Association International family has revered the successes of its members, friends, and supporters with honest and meaningful platitude. CAAAI finds itself blessed and highly favored once again with the successful achievement of our number-one sister Dr. Desiree DeFlorimonte, who was recently awarded the coveted FULBRIGHT scholarship. One might ask, what is a Fulbright scholarship? It is recognized as one of the highest academic awards in the free world; where from a cohort of competitive selections of international educators and scholars only the very best ‘Crème De La Crème’ are singled out to be the recipients of this honor.

Since 1946, highly acclaimed doctors, lawyers, teachers, professionals, scientists and artists have been proud Fulbright awardees based on their intellectual merits and outstanding curricula-vitae; Our Dr. DeFlorimonte has joined this talented and esteemed group of humans. We know, however, that the talents of this Guyanese scholar do not only occupy the intellectual arena, because her benevolence crosses over into the disciplines of patriotism, community, and humanitarianism. Desiree, her preference to be so called, is a mother, a grandmother, and a founder-member and first President of GUYAID (Guyanese Assisting in the Development of Guyana) in the Washington DC Tristate area where she has served for many years, and is presently the CEO of our Cambridge Academy Alumni Association International (CAAAI), where she molded yet another successful association dedicated to helping Guyanese schools prepare children for a better and brighter future in education and in society.

Dr. Desiree has a forty-year career in pedagogy. She came to the United Sates in 1968 after receiving her formative education at St. Ambrose Anglican School and Cambridge Academy High School in Georgetown, Guyana. Her commitment to educating young people led her to pursue studies at the University of Maryland and Trinity College where she received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education and a Master of Arts in Teaching respectively, and as a Holmes Scholar at the University of South Carolina she earned a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Education.

During a successful teaching career, she has positively affected the lives of countless students at every age and from every walk of life demonstrated in her services at St. Timothy’s nursery school in Maryland; the prestigious Simone de Beauvoir elementary school at the Washington National Cathedral; Voorhees College School of Teacher Education; Duquesne University, Pittsburgh PA; Morgan State University, Baltimore Maryland; and the William Paca Elementary School as a Professional Development Lead Teacher.

As a true leader and one who ‘walks the talk’, our CAAAI Chief Executive Officer in an act of pure selfless patriotism, demonstrates her devotion and loyalty to Guyana by selecting from among other developed and developing countries, to serve her Fulbright term of tenure as a Professor at the University of Guyana. The CAAAI Executive Board, and all alumni members wish Dr. Desiree the very best in her new endeavor. May God continue to bless our sister with guidance and protection.

Submitted by
Dr. Aubrey F. Bentham, President-CAAAI

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